VICE continues its TV transition, inking a deal with ESPN for a short-form series, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The series will explore “dominant athletes, fascinating characters and championship events,” said the report. Also, its VICELAND channel will re-air programs from ESPN’s 30 for 30 series and VICE Sports series like Carmelo Anthony’s The Clubhouse will air across all of ESPN’ platforms.

In a statement, VICE CEO Shane Smith says he “came to love [ESPN] and their content” while growing up.

“The amount of manly tears shed over various 30 for 30s throughout the years has been nothing short of embarrassing,” he says. “To be teaming up with ESPN, creating brand new sports shows for them, and then showing 30 for 30 on VICELAND is perhaps one of the favorite moments in my professional life.”

Vice launched Viceland in February with backing from A+E. Their deal with ESPN is expected to help boost awareness of and interest in the new cable channel.