Adrien Broner Talks Mayweather Feud, Boxing & Supporting Donald Trump

Adrien Broner

Four-weight world champion, Adrien Broner, appeared on The Breakfast Club this week to discuss all the craziness going on in his career.

First, the boxing star discusses his partnership with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music camp, why he supports Donald Trump and his legal issues.ย Most importantly, Broner talks about his feud with Floyd Mayweather.

“I used to say I’d never fight him, but I’ve been getting signs: this n*gga don’t care for real,” he said of former friend. “It’s certain sh*t you do when you have genuine love for a motherf*cker. That’s why I lashed out they way I did after that fight.

“If you want me to do better than you one day, or better than myself, then show me the way,” Broner continued. “It’s still respect there, Even after the fight, he came up, ‘Congratulations, great performance’… all that. But, we still haven’t gotten this wrinkle out.”

Bronerย goes on to say that Mayweather never did nothing for him, despite how it may seem. “I don’t need nothing from him. I don’t want nothing from him. All I wanted was, teach me the way. I got my own name, my own fame… he didn’t help me get none of that.”

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