Following an interview over the weekend, in which he hinted at a return, even more evidence has surfaced pointing to Floyd Mayweather coming out of retirement for one last fight.

According to ESPN, the boxer’s company Mayweather Productions has filed for trademarks for “TMT 50” and “TBE 50″… discovered in docs recently posted on the U.S. Patent and Trademark website.

“TMT” stands for “The Money Team” and “TBE” stands for “The Best Ever.” And, if Mayweather fights again, it would be fight No. 50 of his career, which is where the 50 comes from.

Mayweather ended his career in September with an easy win with Andre Berto, but the PPV numbers were the worst of any of his last six fights, leading up to his retirement. In the process, he tied Rocky Marciano’s undefeated record of 49-0, and though many believed he will fight once more to get to 50-0, Mayweather has insisted that he was content with simply tying the mark.

In an interview with SHOWTIME this weekend, Mayweather revealed that he was in talks with both CBS and Showtime for one more fight… but said, it’d take a “nine-figure payday” for him to even consider it.

Now, the question is, who would be his opponent in would likely be his REAL final fight?

Would it be Manny Pacquiao for a rematch, or someone else? Maybe the hyped Gennady Golovkin? Or, another fight with Canelo Alvarez?

What do you think?