Talk about shutting down an argument. In the latest teaser for this weekend’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner is attacked by her daughters in a dispute over Rob. But, she easily deflects then trio, when she takes aim at Kim.
“You should not be paying for your son that is almost 30 years old to buy a house,” Kim tells Kris. “Drop him,” Khloé Kardashian adds in support. “Cut. The. Chord.”

This is when Kris roasts Kim. “You guys can judge me all day long,” Kris replies. “I came here to have a nice dinner. So just everybody relax. You all have to have somebody to blame and criticize instead of saying, ‘What’s the problem?'”

“I’ve seen you guys through so much sh*t that I have to f*cking put up with,” she adds. “‘I’m married for 72 days.’ Really? That’s normal?”

Too good, lol! But, Kris does has a point… and Kim’s facial expression is classic!