Blackout Tattoo

Although not all tattoo work is great, when you see a beautiful piece, it’s usually extremely detailed, unique and very meaningful. However, here’s a new trend that is definitely unique, but just a lil different.

The Daily Mail recently discovered a tattoo trend, dubbed the “Blackout Tattoo”, which currently has over 2,000 tags on Instagram as of press time.

Originally used as an alternative to laser removal for unwanted ink, the blackout method is exactly as its name implies: blacks out part of the body. As of late, its being used as art itself, in all sorts of intricate patterns.

According to artist Chester Lee, who launched Oracle Tattoo in Singapore, a “proper” blackout piece takes out to achieve the perfect amount of evenness. “People start to appreciate the fact that black is nicer and everlasting to look at,” Lee told “As I say, [it’s an] acquired taste.”

Check out some examples of a blackout tattoo below.

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