MTV Planning Overhaul, Returning With Music Programming


Since MTV shut down its popular music video countdown show TRL, the network has focused on original programming and reality TV. But, it is now ready to get back to its roots, and bring the “music” back from its MTV acronym.

According to the L.A. Times, the network’s new President Sean Atkins is planning an overhaul with music as its focus, due to long slumping ratings.

“The thing that kept coming back when I first started this job was, ‘Why doesn’t MTV do more music?” Atkins told the paper. “Music is our muse, our spirit animal. And it’s a great muse to have. So we’re leaning into it.”

Among new programming, MTV is prepping a new version of its classic Unplugged; a hip-hop competition show; and an L.A.-set live-music series titled Wonderland, which will be the network’s first such program in about two decades.

Since 2000, MTV’s most successful shows have come via reality shows such as Jersey Shore and The Hills. But, they believe they can rebound by returning to its roots.

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  1. Finally. But that’s only because Reality TV is dying off. Not this new guy.

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