Sega Mega Drive Classics

Sega’s classic Mega Drive, or the Genesis as its widely known as, has an impressive library of titles… and soon, you’ll be able to enjoy them on Steam.

According to Engadget, Sega has developed the Mega Drive Classics Hub, making available the library of 16-bit games for PC Gamers.

When the Hub is loaded, you are greeted with a virtual bedroom, the way the original Sega fan used to play the games back in the day. There’s posters for classic games like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage, a double-headed axe prop sits in a corner, and the Mega Drive itself is hooked up to a CRT TV. Inside the room, you can move around the room to browse your game library.

Sega’s UK division announced the Mega Drive Classics Hub, which drops in Europe on April 28. It’s unclear when or if we’ll see a Stateside release.