DOOM’s 2005 Project, “Live From Planet X”, Finally in Vinyl Form

Live From Planet X - DOOM

Indie label Nature Sounds is commemorating a hip-hop classic in the form of vinyl edition of DOOM’s 2005 project, Live From Planet X.

The mysterious hip-hop figure rose to fame on the underground, when he began sporting his now-legendary metal DOOM mask. Now, his acclaimed live album finally gets released in vinyl form for the first time.

Originally released on CD only, the album’s vinyl version drops alongside new artwork and metallic foil print.
Broadcasting from an undisclosed location, Live From Planet X offers fans a chance to experience the exceedingly rare genius of an MF DOOM performance with crisp, “straight from the soundboard” live audio recordings.

Recorded before the release of the classic DOOM x Madlib collaboration Madvillainy, this collection also features DOOM performing Madvillain classics like “Accordian” and “Great Day” for the first time ever.

In total, there’s 50 minutes of live recordings spanning classic DOOM albums like Operation Doomsday, Madvillain, MM…FOOD?, and more.

The vinyl LP drops May 20th, but is available for pre-order now at DOOM’s official online store, GasDrawls. All orders from GasDrawls include an exclusive download code for a digital copy of Live From Planet X.

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  1. yeah OK but where is the DOOMstarks album that was supposed to drop last month? smh nigga DOOM stay lyin

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