Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, today, is one of the richest men on the planetĀ (with an estimated net worth of around $35 billion). ButĀ at one time, he was just a young man, who drank beer from a keg in the office… SERIOUSLY!

Someone recently unearthed an old interview with Zuckerberg from 2005, when Facebook was still referred to as “The Facebook” … an online directory of colleges.

While he discusses “what” Facebook is and its history, at the time, he’s also clutching a red cup of beer from a keg they had in their office. The interview is complete with keg stands and all.

“I think that the goal that we went into it with wasn’t to make an online community, but sort of like a mirror for the real community that existed in real life,” Zuckerberg explains.

Elsewhere, Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to envision world domination, as Facebook has seemed to have accomplished today. “There doesn’t necessarily have to be more,” he says. “Part of making a difference and doing something cool is focusing intensely.”

Zuckerberg even offers a brief tour of the modest offices, one room of which features graffiti done by artist David Choe, who was given stock in the company early on… and he made a fortune from it.