Kanye West

Shortly after dropping The Life of Pablo in February, Kanye West promised that it would FOREVER be a TIDAL exclusive. However, in recent weeks, he broke that promise… releasing it online and to other streaming platforms.

One pissed off fan isn’t having it… and is suing.

According to TMZ, a fan named Justin Baker-Rhett has filed a lawsuit against both Kanye¬†and TIDAL, claiming he was tricked into signing up to the service… thinking he’d only be able to listen to T.L.O.P. on TIDAL… FOREVER.

The album reportedly helped TIDAL double its subscription numbers, as well as helped earn more than $84 million in profits.

Since its release, The Life of Pablo has been released on Apple Music and Spotify, as well as Kanye’s official website.

So, Baker-Rhett is suing for damages, though it’s unclear how much he’s seeking.

Stay tuned…