Ian Connor

Fashion/social media maven, Ian Connor, is being accused of rape by two women.

Last week, 20-year-old singer Jean Deaux took to Tumblr to share her account of being raped by Connor, the popular stylist who has worked with artists like Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, and A$AP Rocky.

She claims she was assaulted by Connor back in 2013, and hasn’t been able to say his name without triggering “terrifying flashbacks,” but after meeting a second victim, she felt compelled to tell her story.

Deaux says the attack took place at New York City hotel, which you can read below:

I was so confused I had no clue what to do. He tried kissing me but I told him I had no interest in him. He smelled and I didn’t find him attractive. He then allowed me to go to sleep. As soon as i fell asleep i woke up and Ian was going down on me. I was on my back and so I quickly crossed my legs and tried to pull up my shorts. I feel at this point I was in shock, my head was spinning. I had been molested as a child, and trained myself for so long to fight anyone who violated me, but suddenly I was 7 again. Powerless. Helpless. I turned on my stomach and asked him to stop. He inserted his bare penis in me and pulled my hair. Tears fell down my face as i tried to figure out what to say or do. My tongue weighed 1,000 pounds. He stopped when he heard me crying and asked what was wrong. I said “i told you i didnt want to do this, i said no”. He asked why, if i had stds, or if i was on birth control. I even told him I was tripping on acid (I’ve never done acid) and I needed to go home, thinking this might stop him. But it didn’t, instead he saw it as the perfect opportunity to rape me, two more times. And he ejaculated inside of me.

Another post has surfaced from another woman named Malika Anderson, who says Connor raped her back in 2014… and she’s now pressing charges.

“I pursued charges against Ian Connor for raping me. Yes, that’s right folks, Ian Connor — the fashion n*gga people love to stan for — is a rapist. My detective never said I couldn’t talk about my case, but I decided not to because I wanted to get everything taken care of before I spoke about it publicly.”

Read Malika’s full letter here.

Since the stories have surfaced, Connor has taken to social media to address the accusations, claiming he’s been targeted, due to his fame.