Danny Boy

Former Death Row Records singer Michel’le made headlines last fall, when she revealed a past abusive relationship with Dr. Dre.

While she told the story an innocent girl who the producer abused and took advantage of, fellow Death Row signee Danny Boy paints a every different picture.

He claims she was “a hoe”, who likely contributed to the rift between Dre and Suge Knight.

“She’s a hoe. She’s from the neighborhood. If we were take it back and say it on a hip-hop level, she’s a hoe,” Danny Boy said, in an interview with Vlad TV. “She was seeing two friends, two dudes that was doing business. Not only that, she hung out with Suge’s wife. They were friends. Can you imagine Dr. Dre being in business with Suge, and he had a girl and Suge had a girl? Can you imagine, before they made it, the dinner parties that they had? The celebrations that they probably all celebrated together, as a group of friends? Then, she became his girl. That’s pretty nasty.”

Danny Boy goes on to reveal that Michel’le cut him off, when she had control of Death Row Records while Suge was incarcerated.

“After a while, I wasn’t able to get to Suge, because I didn’t know the process of visiting him. They said he wasn’t able to have visitors,” he explained. “Few years went by, they started playing with my money… my allowance. And, she was the person that was stamping the checks. We would get our allowance on the 1st of every month. And, she just cut me off, stopped it, and took my car before that. Never saw the car again. When I came back, while I was in Chicago, I called back to check my voicemail, and somebody else was living in my house. All of my things were taken out of the house. She did it herself.”

“She was doing things to really pick at people and destroy me. She didn’t want me around Death Row,” Danny Boy continued. “She didn’t want no artist… it was about the Michel’le party. She blew up balloons for herself. It was all about her.”