Flavor Flav Owns the Real O.J. Simpson Statue

Flavor Flav and O.J. Simpson statue

FX’s American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson is over, but the Internet has revealed some interesting news about the series.

The O.J. statue that made an appearance in the finale was actually a fake, because Public Enemy legend Flavor Flav owns the real one.

Flav actually bragged about the statue on Twitter last month, but TMZ has revealed how he obtained the storied piece of history. Turns out, Flav was gifted the statue from radio host Mancow Muller shortly after he purchased it for $3,250 back in 1999.

The rapper also tells TMZ that he once tried to return the statue to O.J., but was told: “If I did, they would just take it away again.”

Although Simpson was acquitted of murder, he lost a $33 million civil lawsuit filed by the families of the victims, Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson.

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