You Can Now Play PlayStation 4 Games on Your PC

You Can Now Play PlayStation 4 Games on Your PC

Sony has rolled out an update to its PlayStation 4 console that allows gamers to play on their PCs.

According to Gizmodo, the new 3.50 system software update allows users to play their PS4 titles remotely on either a Windows or Mac machine.

All you need is a PS4 controller, USB cable, and solid Internet connection … preferable 12 Mbps upload and download speeds.

Additionally, the update brings features such as the ability to appear offline and to schedule online events.

You can follow the link here to install PS4 Remote Play on your computer.

  1. i wonder if you could play with any xbox controller (360 or One) or a adapter that could mimic xinput controllers? because i’m planning to get a new computer with a intel i7 core processor with a nvidia geforce gtx 950 gpu with at least 12gb of ram.

  2. i don’t know, i used a mayflash wii u controller adapter on the modded ps4 remote app. for android (now useless app. since ps4 system update 3.50), it works with all the button, i usually play games that doesn’t require the touch pad or used when typing on that keyboard when you send messages.

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