White Label Radio

BallerStatus has teamed up with KDAY’s weekly radio show, White Label Radio (hosted by Melloe Won), as their new media partner.

In our partnership, the classic hip-hop radio show will be presenting our new “Throwback Thursday” series each week, in which we will showcase one of the show’s epic interviews with greats of the culture.

To kick off the series, we have a treat! One of the last live interviews with Phife Dawg, of the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. The late rapper (real name: Malik Taylor) passed away late last month from complications resulting from diabetes. He was just 45 years old.

White Label Radio sat down with the rap legend nearly a year ago for a lengthy chat about everything from how Tribe’s epic posse cut “Scenario” came about to his thoughts on sports to the formation of the group.

Watch the interview below, and tune in every Thursday for a classic interview from White Label Radio.

White Label Radio currently airs on 93.5 KDAY every Sunday at 4pm PST, and the Traklife App every at Tuesday 3pm PST.

Established in 2012, White Label Radio was formed to pay tribute the genre’s celebrated eras, playing classics from 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s. Each show runs for two hours, and in addition to music, Melloe also highlights informative interviews with veterans like Dame Dash to The Dogg Pound to B-Real jus to name a few.

“I am a real hip-hop fan, and live this culture,” Melloe Won says. “White Label Radio does classic hip-hop from the perspective of the fan. We do shows for the people that love this culture. Adding BallerStatus as a media partner to what we already do is a perfect combination.”

For more info, visit the White Label Radio website here, and be sure to follow them on social media: Twitter and Facebook.