50 Cent

There’s been a number of reports regarding 50 Cent’s finances, since he filed for bankruptcy last year. In the latest docs, he reports just $16 million in assets and $7 million in his bank account.

According to Bossip, these numbers are reported in his mandatory spending statement for the month of February.

Eight months after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, 50 Cent claims to have $7.35 million to his name, alongside $16.3 million in assets.

Docs said he spent $83,226 total in February, including $5,700 on a lease for a Bentley and $6,500 for lawn maintenance, as well as child support totally $12,097 and a mortgage payment of $17,354 on his Connecticut mansion.

He also spent $5,600 on fitness and paid personal trainer Jay Cardiello $3,600.

For income, 50 Cent said he made $1,538 from his work with G-Unit Records and claims $29,597 collected in royalties, while receiving $520 in tax returns.

Word is, he’s close to completing his bankruptcy case after reaching a settlement with his top creditors.