Tupac Shakur

Earlier this year, former LAPD detective Greg Kading — via his new documentary Murder Rap — claimed that Diddy was behind the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur. He also made the claims back in 2011 in a book of the same title.

This week, Diddy finally addressed the claims in an interview with The Breakfast Club… brushing off the reports.

“We don’t talk about things that are nonsense,” he says. “We don’t even entertain nonsense, so we not gonna even go there … with all due respect.”

“I don’t get into nonsense,” Diddy continued. “I don’t have nothing but love for everybody. God sent be on the Earth to give life… to inspire life. To only do things that are positive. Any negative things that I’ve done, that’s the Devil at work. At the end of the day, the Devil’s a liar and I can’t feed into negativity or anything like that.”

You can watch his response in the video below (34:50 mark).

He also talks about his REVOLT cable network, his upcoming Bad Boy Reunion tour, and more.