Rapper Bambu Challenges Chris Brown to Fist-Fight

Chris Brown
via Eva Rinaldi / CC-BY-2.0

There’s been a public uproar over insensitive comments Chris Brown made about Kehlani, following her suicide attempt earlier this week.

While Breezy says its okay that he’s being labeled a “piece of sh*t” over it, one rapper wasn’t feeling the comments, or his “fake gang ties,” and is going as far as to challenge the singer to a fight.

Los Angeles-bred rapper Bambu took to Twitter on Wednesday (March 30) to challenge Brown to a fist-fight. “Yo @chrisbrown, fight me. F*ck you and your fake ass gang ties. Let me show you what this LA neighborhood life is really about,” the rapper tweeted, alongside the hashtag: #KEHLANI.

“F*ck you fake LA hood hoppers supporting this little coward ass child star. Beating women don’t qualify you to speak on women. @chrisbrown,” Bambu added.


Brown took to social media on Tuesday (March 29) to call out Kehlani, accusing her of a fake suicide attempt just to “flex for the Gram”.

If you’re lost, Kehlani was hospitalized earlier in the week for an alleged suicide attempt, after her ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a photo of the two in bed… which resulted in the Internet accusing her of cheating on thought-to-be current boyfriend/NBA star, Kyrie Irving.

She’s since been released and is at home “with ppl who love me,” she wrote on IG.

Brown has yet to respond to Bambu’s challenge.

  1. Haha awesome. Bam give em that beat down that he’s been needing for quite some time now!

  2. nice, the underground will always be one step above the lame stream. bambu solid.

  3. This is crazy! Kehlani needs support right now and fighting and IG beefing is not the answer. Chris Brown your totally out if line for speaking on that woman especially after everything you just finished going through. Don’t forget where you came from. Bambu please don’t stoop to that level cause it’s not worth and in the end it only gets you 2 things and that is the pen or the morgue. May GOD BLESS all of you and special prayers go out to Kehlani, her family, friends and fans. You gone be alright baby girl.❤❤

  4. Chris not going to respond because he knows that will help his career and he’s not going to give him that. Chris will see him when he least expect it.

  5. one of the “realest mcs”? U can call me skeptic. Lol
    What bambu song should I look up?

  6. Swang on them nutts hoe!! Thats why Drake be bitin bars from Rappin Fortay and be on the bays nutts..

  7. Bra fuck bam and his bitchssd tweets, Chris brown ten time his fame and don’t give a fuck what a nigga has to say. This nigga getting spotlight for trying to fight but breezy don’t need to tweets to get spotlight, he alright got it 24/7.

  8. haha this dude think you gotta be signed to be fire, Get The Fuck Out of Here, Bambu got Bars!

  9. lol, I see your a Chris Brown groupie. Get off the nuts and tune into some real hip hop

  10. Maybe one good blow will put Chris Brown in line. I know Bambu isn’t the only person who wants to fight that POS though

  11. Someone else using CB for attention. Someone would be CRAZY to go around fighting everyone who says something that they don’t like!!! Cyberbullying is a federal offense, and hes making terroristic threats. What CB said (if he said) was insensitive, but this is a criminal offense.

  12. I honestly believe Bam will beat the shit out of cb fr!…don’t get me Wong cb is my cat in all but I don’t think he want it with Bam.

  13. Bangin on a singin nigga over a broad he dont know? Somebody tell twig, or branch, take his cape off. Lame ass

  14. This nigga talking shit bambu who who he’s not a rapper he trying to come up,he was right it was for the gram she’s not even with the bitch,so codified. So get off ChrisBrown.

  15. Any on song on Party Worker, Son of a Gun, or One Rifle Per Family album.

  16. Hell yea lets start another gang war, why end with a fist fight, let these fuckers murder each other and their crews

  17. for everyone saying Bambu aint a rapper, Bambu’s been in the game longer than Chris Brown has! He’s not some “unsigned” artist who’s trying to make, he already has a loyal and dedicated fanbase worldwide. I mean, I have friends in Malaysia who listen to him! He’s an elder on the west coast scene, looked up to as a rapper, organizer and revolutionary.

  18. On the real though, y’all just saying Bam be trying to get publicity coz he’s an underground rapper who already made a name for himself. But if y’all know how he really is, even through his music, that Bam speaks real shit. So even if he’s not a rapper, he will still say the same thing and he will go through with it. Chris Brown doesn’t need to acknowledge that, but don’t be saying he will do something, coz he ain’t about that life.

  19. Fuck all y’all leave Chris brown alone dick ridin ass gang fucks Chris can say whatever he fills only God can judge him babu caint beat Jesus name Jesus is lord not you or Oakland don’t run this world God does so just stop thinking you tough even killers get killed but God is power so stop you ain’t gonna do shit to Chris brow or nobody God will get you for being evil to gods people so stop this mr America fuck Philippines this black and white america home of the brave Jesus is lord not bambu I’m bam bam bitch

  20. I got your back Chris and gods on your side so fuck them haters a hoe is. A hoe a bitch is a bitch and real recognize real Jesus is lord this lil Mexico

  21. I’m from matamoros Mexico bitch by Brownsville Texas bitch bring it don’t ever fuck with Virginia or Texas or Mexico bitch

  22. Bam ain’t look for any fame, for sure.. he just trying to spread the word and promote solidarity. Him being a conscious and dope lyricist isn’t the only thing making him a “real MC”, dude is actually out here helping the community. Dude went to the Philippines to help out after the storm hit.. dude is holding down rallies. Even if you don’t like his music, nobody can front on the work he put in. Oh yeah, and I’m sure dude can throw them hands… he ain’t a pussy either, like 90% of rappers pulling out guns cause they bitch and can’t fight.

  23. swinging from brown’s nuts won’t get you any fame so why are you doing it? Oh you must just love his nuts that much. Bambu is a real emcee and would really throw hands with dude. That’s the difference between the real world and the lame stream where whack ass brown exists.

  24. GTFO here with that nonsense. Call the fucking cops then little girl!

  25. Look up Native Guns, Barrel Men. That’s his old group and his best shit IMO.

  26. You just proved my point that people say insensitive dumb sh*t everyday! I expressed my opinion, and you feel that you have the right to be disrespectful. The reality is that a dummy would premeditate a crime for the world to see when the prison system is in need of violent offenders due the early release of thousands of non violent offenders. You’re calling me a little girl while talking like a teenage boy (smh)

  27. I got your back Chris fuck bambu plus got family in Cali she needs to stop being a hoe fuck bag for the music industry fuck that hoe and bambu I dare bam bam to fuck with Chris she need to keep her ass from the party’s next door stay her fake ass home nobody’s fault she a hoe fuck bag bitch l got your back Chris breezy can say what he likes fuck whoever has a problem with Chris

  28. I challenge bambu to a fight I’m six foot 11 inches my dick bigger then bambu 287 pounds I’m Mexican black white Indian

  29. and my people in Cali on stand by ready to fuck anybody up who fucks with Chris brown play games and it’s on one call and you gone bitch ass bambu and his captain save a hoe I’ll put pantys on that bitch this America bitch not phillipinos take that fake ass Bruce lee gang shit on back to the phillipinos fags small dick minnimee gook muthfucka I bet you sucki sucki fag

  30. And Chris will beat the fuck outta you anyway I got what ever on my boy but he don’t have to prove that the streets will back him so you reap what you sow

  31. got family in Compton California right now and we on standby fuck that r a b hoe bitch needs to keep her legs closed my wife is white she’s from Virginia she’ll beat that r and b hoes ass for you Chris my wife loves Chris brown so fuck that r b hoe Jezebel got a millionaire boyfriend and she sneaking around with her broke ass ex party next door bitch should of stayed home quit going to party’s next door or around the block hoe my wife family is white and Latino so you do the math fuck Bambi bam bam bambu I bet this American eagle a make the slated eyes straight up this heat a make ya man look it lol don’t ever ever ever ever fuck with Chris brown or VA bitch my wife has family in Brooklyn and Cali you dumb captain save a hoe punk yes Chris may have made a mistake by fighting with his ex Rihanna but he did jail time for that he paid his price we all fuck up but Jesus forgives so should we as people but who are you bambu to judge only God can judge Chris so fuck off Bambi your cartoon is played out this shit is a horror flick and the black guy doesn’t DIE in this MOVIE keep your head up Chris my wife loves you we love VA the streets love you Mexico loves you peace I’m done talking tobecontinued

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