Jon Jones

Former UFC champ Jon Jones is in trouble again, after being arrested in Albuquerque, NM on Tuesday (March 29) for violating probation.

A warrant was issued for Jones this week, because he was found in violation of the terms of his probation, after being cited for drag racing in Albuquerque last week.

The 28-year-old is currently serving an 18-month supervised probation sentence, which comes from a plea agreement he signed in September, stemming from a felony hit-n-run incident nearly a year ago.

Local police said Jones was cited for drag racing on March 24, as well as equipment modifications, a license plate issue, failure to maintain a driving lane and exhibition driving. Jones, however, denies that he was drag racing, saying he simply revved the engine of his Corvette to acknowledge a group of fans in a vehicle next to him.

In video of the incident released by the Albuquerque PD, Jones is seen arguing with the officer, attempting to plead his case, before calling the officer a “f*cking liar.”

Jones is now scheduled to appear in court on Thursday morning (March 31). His camp hopes that he will be released at this time… either on bond or on his own recognizance.

He is scheduled to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 on April 23 in Las Vegas.

“Jon and his team are taking this very seriously and we will let the legal process play out. We are confident he will be released once he has an opportunity to explain to the judge the facts in this case,” reps from EAG Sports Management, which represents Jones, said in a statement.