Following all the news regarding Kehlani’s suicide attempt, the singer lashes out at people calling it “a cry for attention”.

“[Not] always crying for attention or help, I got my mama number on speed dial for that sh*t,” she wrote in a since deleted Instagram post. “[Is] everyone that conditioned to celebrities not being REAL PEOPLE??? I’m f*cking going thru it. Going thru 20 year old drama queen issues and figure since all the trials in my songs that have seemed to help so many others, sharing my truths must be continued. Yes I got thru some crazy ass sh*t. But YES I TELL THE STORY SO THAT HOPEFULLY SOMEONE ELSE WHO NEEDED TO HEAR IT, WOULD.”

From the desk of #Kehlani (part 1 of 2)

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Kehlani made headlines on Monday (March 28) when her ex-boyfriend PARTYNEXTDOOR posted a photo of them two in bed together, which was followed by ridicule from fans who believed she was cheating on NBA star Kyrie Irving, whom she had been dating since, at least, January.

Apparently, it shook her up, and she either attempted or wanted to attempt to take her own life… and was ultimately hospitalized and placed on a psychiatric hold.

PND has visited Kehlani in the hospital, though he nor Irving has commented publicly about the incident.