“Grand Theft Auto 6” in the Works: Report

Grand Theft Auto 6

Its been nearly three years since Grand Theft Auto V dropped, but a sixth installment of the franchise is reportedly in the works.

A source tells Tech Radar that production for the title has begun, but a location has yet to be settled on.

Word is Rockstar Games recently visited Tokyo on a scouting trip, as they considered the Japanese capitial as the GTA 6’s location. However, the road system was seen to be problematic and it was eventually ruled out.

The report says that in December 2003, Take-Two Interactive filed trademarks for GTA: Tokyo, GTA: Bogota, as well as Grand Theft Auto: Sin City.

Furthermore, the source says that since the GTA franchise is firmly embedded into U.S. culture, with a number of brands and cars already onboard, making so many changes would be quite the task.

DJ Whoo Kid told us in 2014 that he had worked with Rockstar on the next installment, claiming it was returning to Liberty City, the game’s version of New York city. This, however, has not been confirmed.

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