Danny Boy Recalls Crazy Stories of Time at Death Row

Danny Boy

Former Death Row Records singer Danny Boy spoke in-depth in an interview with Vlad TV about his memories with the label, from the controversy to the good times.

He first discussed rumors of a divide within the camp, due to gang ties… which he admits.

“It was Suge, his guys, Tupac and myself. Then, it was Snoop Dogg, Dre and The Dogg Pound. That’s how it was on the personal side,” Danny Boy explained. “As far as a working relationship, it was a great working relationship for everybody. The vibe was incredible, because we were making great records.”

Later, Danny Boy talks about the danger he experienced, on a daily basis, just from his affiliation with Death Row.

“It was always serious with Death Row when it came to threats,” he said. “We walked with security every day. We had bulletproof vests on all the time. That was just a part of our routine, because there was so much hate. A lot of fights were initiated by people I guess trying to prove that we wasn’t as gangsta of a label as we say we are. That’s more of what it was. We had to fight to get out some of those clubs and some of those places.”

“I had a security guard… especially toward the end, I wasn’t able to move around without security … at all.”

According to Danny Boy, the people Suge had around him kept a street element to the label around, which “lingered over” into the business side.

“One of Suge’s friends got killed in Atlanta. My homie Jake was murdered in Atlanta. There was some serious dudes that was around him all the time anyway,” he explained. “Those dudes… some of them was fresh outta jail… that grew up in his neighborhood, that was his friends, that was his boys, that he had given an opportunity to work a job, a future out the hood. They were serious dudes. Just because they were working a job, the street stuff didn’t stop. Sometimes that lingered over into what Suge had going on.”

Elsewhere in the video, Danny Boy recalls Tupac’s time on Death Row and their work together; Suge’s infamous moment at The Source Awards dissing Diddy; and the rumored bounty in the streets for anyone who could hack a Death Row Records chain.

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