Lil Wayne
via Instagram / Michael Custodio

Although Lil Wayne and Birdman reunited a handful of times this year, their issues are still unresolved, says producer Mannie Fresh.

In an interview with Genius, Fresh explained how he was able to work with both artists on the recently released cut, “Hate”.

“Everything is not resolved with [Birdman] and Wayne, but I overcame it by saying to them, ‘We can resolve all that behind the curtain, but for now, let’s make music for the people,'” he explained. “When it all started coming together, the brotherly love came out. We did the song, then, ‘I wish you the best, we should do it more often.'”

Fresh goes on to compare the internal issues to a family feud. “I still consider them family,” he said. “Family — you have things you go through, disagreements. We still have issues. If anyone was gonna put it back together, it was me. Everyone was happy to do it.”

As far as collaborations, he says Lil Wayne and Juvenile have about three to five more songs done with Fresh, and he plans on getting contributions from B.G. and Turk for a complete Hot Boys experience.

But, he does say that it’s “hard to convince” the entire group to make a full Hot Boys album.