Hilarious Groupie Tales With Your Favorite Artists

Lil Wayne and groupie

Groupie stories are the best. With the age of the Internet, a number of memorable ones have popped up, but some of these recent ones are too good.

We recently stumbled upon an old thread on Reddit, where the user asks: “Girls who have slept with rock stars; How was it? What was your perception of the person afterwards? What did your friends and family think (if you told them)? etc.”

From there, a number of stories surfaced, involving everyone from LMFAO to Lil Wayne to Tommy Lee to the white member of the Wu-Tang Clan? Huh?

Check out the hilarious stories below:

Tommy Lee & Motley Crue Tattoo

Tommy Lee groupie tale

The “White” Wu-Tang Clan Member

Wu-Tang Clan groupie Tale

Will.i.am and No Condom Left Unused

Will.i.am groupie tale

R. Kelly Used to Have ‘Em Lined Up

R. Kelly groupie tale

LMFAO Sleeps With Same Girl

LMFAO groupie tale

Lil Wayne & the $100 Tip

Lil Wayne groupie tale

La India: “How Do I Taste?”

La India groupie tale

Jon Mayer is a Giver!

Jon Mayer groupie tale

Jason Derulo Steals Guy’s Girl

Jason Derulo groupie tale

Seedy Flavor Flav Tale

Flavor Flav groupie tale

Justin Bieber Tale #1

Justin Bieber groupie tale

Justin Bieber Tale #2

Justin Bieber groupie tale

Washed Up Axel Rose

Axel Rose groupie tale

A$AP Rocky Too Drunk To F*ck

A$AP Rocky groupie tale

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