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Supreme founder James Jebbia doesn’t do many interviews, but with the launch of the brand’s new flagship in Paris, he sat down with The Business of Fashion to discuss everything from building the brand and expanding in France to its evolution.

Before Supreme announced its plans for a Paris store, fans of the brand expressed their displeasure with the move… some believing it would take from their integrity. However, Jebbia believes Supreme’s home isn’t just New York, but rather, worldwide.

“It’s funny, we get a lot of people bent out of shape who say, ‘Oh, these guys are going to fall off now that they’re opening in Paris.’ I’m not really concerned if people have this purist view of the New York Supreme thing. If they think opening our shop in Paris is going to harm our brand, then we can’t really be that strong of a brand,” he tells BoF.

“I’ve seen a lot of brands fail because they went, ‘Hey, look, we’re from New York, and that’s what we’re all about.’ But wherever you go, people are proud of where they are,” Jebbia continues. “So even though we’re from New York, what we do is a mindset: it’s got to work in Japan, in Los Angeles, London, wherever.”

“Yeah, we’re a New York brand, but we’re a world brand now, too. It’s no different than Levi’s being from San Francisco. People might think there are a lot of brands in the world like ours, but there aren’t.”

Supreme first opened in New York in 1994, but have since expanded to Los Angeles, London and Japan.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jebbia explains that he would never do anything to take away from Supreme. “As a small brand, we do it all,” he said. “We don’t need an investor. We would never go anywhere or do anything where we feel it would compromise what we do.”

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