Mac Miller Blasts Donald Trump on “The Nightly Show”

Mac Miller

Back in 2011, Mac Miller praised him on the song “Donald Trump”, which the business magnate later threatened to later sued for. Today, the rapper blasted the presidential candidate during an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore… and urges Americans not to vote for him.

“I f*cking hate you, Donald Trump,” Miller said. “You say you want to make America great again. We all know what that really means. ‘Ban Muslims, Mexicans are rapists, black lives don’t matter.’ Make America great again? I think you want to make America white again.”

Last December, Miller took to Twitter to urge him followers not to support trump.

“Just please don’t elect this motherf*cker man,” he wrote.

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  1. why is it all ways the white people that grew up hating blacks and Mexicans saying stupid shit like this. fuck this wanna be nigga. TRUMP 2016

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