Golden State Warriors

Last Thursday, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder, 121-106, to complete the sweep of their three-game regular season series against one another. So much for the notion that OKC’s one of the few teams in the league who have can give the Warriors a scare.

With a historic regular season run being written as we speak, there’s virtually nothing else that can stop this lean, mean, Bay Area bombarding machine. Even the oddsmakers very much agree, as NBA sportsbook TopBet lists Golden State as strong favorites to repeat as NBA champs.

The Warriors (-130) have such a fantastic pace to break the 1995-1996 Bulls’ record of 72 regular season wins that a lot of people are just eager to find out just how many wins they’ll rack up in actually breaking said record rather than simply believing or predicting that they will do exactly that.

Now that the Thunder have lost all their chances of upsetting Golden State this regular season, only two teams in the league are still widely considered as formidable adversaries to the Dubs in their quest for back-to-back NBA titles.

The San Antonio Spurs (+250), without question, are having a phenomenal season of their own. They’ve already have 52 wins — just three fewer than the Warriors as we speak — and with only nine losses to boot. Their 29-0 record at home is actually three games better than Golden State’s, but that’s only because they played more games on their own home court than the Warriors have thus far. Plus, remember when the Dubs massacred the Spurs by 30 points in January in the first of four regular season meetings?

Speaking of massacres, the Cleveland Cavaliers (+375) also succumbed to Golden State’s wrath exactly a week before San Antonio did. What made their loss even worse was that it was a 34-point blowout in LeBron James’ very own hometown. Sure, the Cavs have seen little to no resistance on their stranglehold of the top spot out in the East. But with Golden State simply leaving fans worldwide awestruck by brilliance almost every single night, Cleveland has become more of an afterthought or even more like an eventual sacrificial NBA Finals lamb once again for the Dubs’ ultimate coronation.

The Warriors still have 22 games left on their slate, including three showdowns with the Spurs and one last date with the Cavs, so a lot can still go wrong in their quest for regular-season immortality. Heck, the team still has its fair share of detractors until now, with some even going as far as calling Steph Curry’s current success as strangely similar to “Linsanity”, only longer. Yet in the end, you always find yourself asking the same question as everybody else: Is a Golden State repeat a foregone conclusion indeed?

At this point, the correct answer is a resounding yes. And if you beg to differ, then we dare you to bet against the Dubs right now with any of the other cannon fodders in the league waiting to be obliterated by Steph and Co., and let’s see who’ll be taking a Scrooge McDuck plunge by the end of this NBA season.

Don’t be foolish; start investing in gold… Golden State, that is.