50 Cent

50 Cent had to appear in court this week to explain to a judge in Connecticut while he is flashing stacks of cash on Instagram… but filing for bankruptcy protection.

Last month, Judge Ann Nevins said photos the rapper posted on social media — one of which he spells out the word “Broke” with stacks of $100 bills (below) — caused her to be “concerned about allegations of nondisclosure and a lack of transparency.”

In a court filing, 50 Cent claimed the cash was “prop money”, used to maintain his flashy rap image.

“Just because I am photographed in or next to a certain vehicle, wearing an article of clothing, holding a product, sitting next to what appears to be large sums of money or modeling expensive pieces of jewelry does not meant that I own everything in thores photos,” he wrote.

50 says there’s a thin line between persona and reality, between 50 Cent (his rap moniker) and Curtis Jackson.

After his appearance in court, he posted a photo of himself on social media with stacks of cash tucked into his waistband.