Kevin McCall & Chris Brown Exchange Words on Social Media

Chris Brown and Kevin McCall

Singer/songwriter Kevin McCall and Chris Brown got into a war of words on social media this week.

On Tuesday (March 8), McCall took to Twitter with a series of tweets directed at his R&B peer.ย “We need to sit down and handle business,” he wrote in a tweet directed toward Breezy. “I tried the adult business route. I feel my kindness is being taken for weakness.”

After a fan asked why he would diss Brown, who helped put him on the map, he replied: “That’s not what this is about. It’s about being a real or fake person and being a thief. And ruining someone’s chance to feed.”

McCall then called Brown a “coward”, who will “will NEVER respond. Or resolve the issue like men.”

Chris Brown eventually responded, via Instagram, asking: ‘Do you know who Kevin McCall is?” He later followed up with a long-winded response.

“This street sh*t is what I’m great at, a lot better than music,” Brown wrote. “You better check the loose lips [before] I show [you] the real devil my n*gga. You ain’t sh*t, ain’t gone ever be sh*t. Broke ass bottom feeder when I busted my ass so [you] could have the life [you] wanted and career. You are your own worst enemy.”

Read Chris Brown’s full response below:

The two previously worked together on hits like 2010’s “Deuces” and 2011’s “Strip”.

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