Someone Found Old Tupac Notebooks, Music on Craigslist

Tupac Shakur

It’s been nearly 20 years since his passing, but Tupac keeps giving. According to TMZ, someone recently found a lot of Tupac memorabilia, including unreleased music, handwritten notes and lyrics from the late rapper … and it’s going up for auction.

The unknown party acquired the lot on Craigslist, after answering an ad about baseball cards. They hit the jackpot when they found out the seller was sitting on the items, because their dad worked with the Tupac for years.

Items include three notebooks with handwritten ideas and lyrics, as well as CDs with unreleased tracks.

Moments in Time, the auction house selling the memorabilia, says the handwriting in the notebooks matches handwriting in a prison letter by Tupac, which they sold last fall for $255,000.

Take a closer look at the items here.

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