Chris Brown Disses Fans Who Can’t Afford His Black Pyramid Brand

By Staff  |  03/07/2016

Chris Brown

Chris Brown and his Black Pyramid clothing line has been a favorite among his fans, but if you're complaining about the brand's price points, don't expect sympathy from the singer.

He recently took to social media to criticize fans, who say that can't afford the high pricetags.

"Some of these so-called fans are complaining about $70 shirts, $90 shirts. What the f*ck you be talking bout when you say you buy 10 to 15 album? How much is that bitch?" Brown asks in an Instagram video, which has since been deleted... but reposted by The Shade Room.

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Breezy followed up, asking why people can go crazy over Jordan sneaker releases, but complain about Black Pyramid prices.

"Cry me a f*cking river," he wrote in a caption, captured by BallerAlert. “You bitch n*ggas killing over Jordan's. waiting in line outside for YEEZYs for days. My prices are H&M AND ZARA PRICES. I'm not running for president nor did I say u had to buy anything. So LIKE I ALWAYS SAY... TASTE THIS FART I BEEN HOLDING IN ON THIS PLANE TO PARIS. sh*theads."