While Kanye West is the most vocal endorser of Adidas, and has arguableĀ the most popular shoe in his Yeezy Boost line, there’s another artists pushing more units. His name is Pharrell.

Pharrell’s partnership with Adidas Originals has helped boost company revenues… via his interpretations of the iconic Superstar model.

Thanks to his help, Adidas has sold 15 million pairs of the model, and “at $100 or so per pair, accounted for almost $1 in every $10 adidas took in,” reports Business of Fashion.

Despite the reports, it’s fair to note that Pharrell didn’t have a hand in every Superstar released and sold in 2015. It’s likely, many of the general colorways made up the bulk of the sales. Kanye still reigns supreme in limited sneaker releases, with each Yeezy Boost drop instantly selling out upon release.