Peyton Manning

Howard Stern pulled off probably one of the most hilarious prank calls in recent memory.

A member of his crew called into an unsuspecting sports talk show, posing as NFL icon Peyton Manning, and the hosts actually believed it was the real quarterback on the phone, despite some very strange comments.

When asked about the Super Bowl 50, the fake Manning replies: “Everyone says the only reason we won was because of our defense, but I think it was because Cam Newton is a little cry baby bitch.”

From there, things just get funnier and funnier. And what’s shocking is that the hosts never appear to catch on that it was a prank call.

At one point, the fake Peyton addresses recent rape allegations dating back to his college days. “Geez, you put your nuts on an unsuspecting woman’s face once, and suddenly everyone thinks you’re an a**hole,” he says. “We all did some dumb sh*t in college, right? Panty raids, drinkin’, sexually assaulting a woman then destroying her reputation afterwards. Ya know, kid stuff.”

Listen to the prank call below: