Kanye West x Vans

After Kanye West posted a photo of himself wearing Vans in January, the rumor mill has pointed to the rap star possibly leaving Adidas for the iconic shoe brand.

Reports later stated that Ye’s contract with the Three Stripes allows him the option to wear other brands.

While his relationship with Adidas seems to be cemented, at one time, Kanye approached Vans for a deal… while he was at odds with Nike.

A source from Vans recently told SoleCollector that he met with the California shoe brand sometime between 2011-12, during which he mentioned that his Nike contract only covered every other year.

Kanye even alluded to this on the Donda chart he posted on Twitter last month, which he made four years ago… during the time of his meeting with Vans. On it, under the “Lifestyle” column, it reads: “SHOES VANS NIKE”.


Obviously, an official partnership never came to fruition, but Vans has seeded Kanye shoes since then.

Kanye even name-dropped the brand in his song “No More Parties in L.A.”, rapping: “Some days I’m in my Yeezys, some days I’m in my Vans.”

The Vans source also tells SoleCollector that a deal between Kanye and Vans “is not happening and probably won’t ever happen.”