Troy Ave Disses Joey Bada$$ on New Track

Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave

The feud between New York rappers, Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$, continues.

The beef dates back to last summer, with both exchanging words through interviews and on social media, as well as music, but it continues on with Ave dissing his rival on a new song called “Bad Ass”.

“I’m a savage,” Troy Ave raps on the track. “This gon’ leave you sad, bitch / Don’t get suicidal like your friend, here’s a casket / STEEZ burning in hell, my burner’s in my belt / I’m really killing sh*t, you n*ggas killing yourself / F*cking weirdoes / Off the roof, steer clear, yo / This n*gga’s trying to fly, he think he a superhero / Splat, man, f*ck you and that man / And all three labels you signed to, they wack, man.”

Joey took to Twitter shortly after the track dropped with an indirect response, writing: “You played yourself.” tagline and in another, he promoted an image of himself and Diggy Simmons at a recent “Leaders of Tomorrow” event in New York.

However, Joey did mention Troy Ave on a song called “Ready” last week, on which he raps: “With the 80/20 split, my n*gga, do the math / My n*gga Kirk [Knight] just outsold Troy Ave.”

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