Michael Bisping Earns Decision Over Anderson Silva

By Staff  |  02/28/2016

Michael Bisping Earns Decision Over Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night

English UFC veteran Michael Bisping finally caught up to Anderson "The Spider" Silva on Saturday (Feb. 27)... earning a unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night in London.

Fighting in front of a home crowd, all three judges scored the fight for in favor of Bisping, 48-47, resulting in his third straight victory... and could help his case for his first title fight in the UFC, which began back to 2006.

After the results were read, Bisping bowed to Silva, whom he's wanted to fight since 2008.

"I've wanted this fight my entire life," Bisping said. "I worship this guy. He's the greatest martial artist of all time. That's why I'm so emotional. This has been a lifelong quest. The respect I have for [Silva], it inspired me. When I started, I was a young, cocky kid saying things I regret. The whole time, I was looking at him saying, 'I want to be like that guy.'"

Silva (33-7), however, felt he won the fight. "Brazil, what can you do?" he said through a translator. "I thought it went differently. The mission was given and I thought it was completed, but I guess not."

The 40-year-old Silva Silva arguably landed the biggest shot of the match, when he dropped Bisping with a flying knee just as the bell sounded in the third round. Silva immediately celebrated, raising his arms in victory and even jumped on the top of the cage, but referee Herb Dean promptly informed both that the bout wasn't over. He had been saved by the bell.

Bisping's nose was opened up by the shot and he bled the rest of the way, but managed to recover quickly. He was also mostly controlling the fight prior to the knee.

Bisping dropped Silva with a left hook in the second round and wasn't fazed by the Brazilian's familiar mind games, while Silva had stretches of inactivity.

Overall, cageside stats had Bisping slightly out-landing Silva in total strikes, 100 to 92.