Asphalt Yacht Club x Mike Miller “Eazy-E” Capsule

By Jay Casteel  |  02/25/2016

Stevie Williams' Asphalt Yacht Club teams up with photographer Mike Miller for a collaborative capsule of pieces, featuring an iconic photo of the late Eazy-E.

The drop consists of two T-shirts and sweatshirts, each featuring a photo of Eazy holding his infamous Natas skateboard, taken by Miller in the parking lot of Ruthless Records... back in the 1990s.

Originally designed for pro-skater-turned actor, Jason Lee, the Natas skateboard seen in the image is notorious. "With the gun and that Natas board, this photo is some evil gangsta sh*t, says AYC founder/skater Stevie Williams.

Asphalt Yacht Club x Mike Miller "Eazy-E" Capsule is available now at AYC retailers and online.