Altamont x Erik Brunetti Spring 2016 Capsule

By Jay Casteel  |  02/25/2016

Altamont taps designer/FUCT founder Erik Brunetti for a special Americana capsule for their Spring 2016 offering.

With more than two decades of work under his belt, Erik's rebellious nature is evident in the spring capsule. In addition to a range of tees, the collection's highlight comes in the form of a 100% cotton DFFL Coach Jacket with a unique camo pattern, alongside matching shorts.

and astute observations remain present throughout all of his undertakings. If Erik Brunetti’s work could be described, it would be thought out to be caliginous, risqué, yet extremely precise and analytical.

The Altamont x Erik Brunetti collection is available now at the brand's online store.