On the Go with the Dell XPS 15

On the Go with the Dell XPS 15

Following the release of the Dell XPS 13 last year, touted as the “smallest 13-inch on the planet,” the brand follows with the release of the 15-inch model, the XPS 15.

Also billed as the “smallest on the planet” at its size, the new laptop lived up to our expectations, after receiving our review model from Dell… in regard to its mobility and performance. As with the entire XPS line, Dell pays attention to detail, combining premium materials with its world-class technology for what could be considered the ultimate user experience.

As for its size, Dell keeps the weight and thickness to a minimum, as it upsizes from the 13-inch. The XPS 15 sports the brand’s borderless InfinityEdge display, allowing them to squeeze a 15.6-inch screen into the machine, giving it a form closer to the size of a 14-inch laptop. Furthermore, measuring in at 11-17mm thin and weighing around 4 pounds, the XPS 15 is lighter and thinner than all of its competitors.

You can feel it too. While carrying it around and using it on the go, we found it to fell much more portable than products we previously used. This, coupled with a 4K display and touchscreen, which isn’t offered with the MacBook Pro (for example), instantly made the XPS 15 an interesting option.

Dell does report an unprecedented battery life of up to 17 hours, but we were unable to reach anywhere close to that mark, coming close to around 10-12 hours when using at low brightness levels on the display for general use, such as checking email and web browsing.

While many are attached to Dell competitors, their XPS line — the 15 in particular — is a choice you cannot overlook. Overall, it’s arguably the best Windows laptop on the market today… for the everyday user.

The Dell XPS 15 is available now at Dell.com, starting at $999 USD. However, our review model is the top end edition, which retails for around $2,100.

Stay tuned for a full review, in which we break down the features and specs of the machine.

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