Cuban Link to Host “Digital Dynasty 41,” Submissions Open

Digital Dynasty 41 - Hosted by Cuban Link

Following the release of Digital Dynasty 40 earlier this month, Tha Advocate keeps the momentum going with the announcement of the next installment… and its host: Cuban Link.

The New York rap vet came up in the 1990s as a member of Terror Squad, alongside Big Pun… but as most know, after Pun’s death, he split from the group.

Cuban Link is still on the grind, and will serve as host of Digital Dynasty 41.

“One of my favorite emcees in the 90s and 2K’s was Cuban Link,” says Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate. “Not only was he a dope wordsmith, but he was always able to make great songs, something a lot of lyricists have trouble doing. I always felt he didn’t get the proper shot he deserved after Pun passed. But since then, he has been still cranking out dope track after dope track. Now, it was only a matter of time before he linked with us and having him host DD41 is gonna be dope as hell!”

As always, submissions are open for Digital Dynasty 41, which is slated to drop in late March/early April. For info, reach out to Tha Advocate at

Until then, be sure to support our host Cuban Link by following him on Twitter. He’s also prepping a new mixtape, set for release this summer. Details are still to come.

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