Steve Jobs’ 1980s Seiko Watch Sells for $42K

By Staff  |  02/21/2016

Steve Jobs' 1980s Seiko Watch Sells for $42K

A Seiko wristwatch, owned by the late Steve Jobs, recently sold at auction for a whopping $42,500.

The nondescript quartz Seiko isn't the most coveted timepiece, but it was owned by the late Apple co-founder and featured in one of his most iconic photos... so it apparently has value. Sold in the 1980s, the watch was worn by the tech icon in a photo of the very first Macintosh computer, back in 1984, making it a piece of history.

It was one item from a lot of Steve Jobs memorabilia, sold off in an auction conducted by Heritage Auctions. It also included a pair of Birkenstocks that went for over $2,000.