Kylie Jenner Has Interesting Clause in PUMA Deal

By Staff  |  02/21/2016

Kylie Jenner

Following some confusion, PUMA officially confirmed that it has signed Kylie Jenner to a deal to endorse their product last week. However, there's an interesting clause in her contract.

According to TMZ, the teen star has a "carve out" clause that allows her to still wear other brands, including its bitter rival Adidas. It would allow her to wear Kanye West's widely popular Yeezy Boost line, among other sneakers... which is strange, given the bitter history between Adidas and PUMA.

If you remember, shortly after news broke that Kylie signed with PUMA, Kanye took to Twitter, essentially saying that he had vetoed the deal... because the Kardashian clan is Team Adidas.

Despite his efforts, Kylie had already signed... so there wasn't much he could do anyway, claims TMZ. Furthermore, Ye was initially angry about the deal, but he spoke with Kylie, who explained her "carve out" clause... and that the deal was done and if she backed out, she could be sued.

The deal is reportedly for just six months.