Kanye West Not Interested in Fan’s GoFundMe Campaign

By Staff  |  02/20/2016

Kanye West

Since Jeremy Piatt, a fan from Minnesota, launched a GoFundMe campaign calling for Kanye West fans to help pay back the rapper's $53 million debt... more than 700 people have contributed.

To date, he's helped raise more than $7,550 dollars toward the fund... but apparently, Kanye doesn't want to take money from his fans.

Piatt tells TMZ he was contacted by GoFundMe, who told him he couldn't touch any of the money himself, but instead, would need to get into contact with Kanye's camp, who would be the only people who could access it. The problem, however, is the rapper is not interested in the money.

Apparently, Piatt wants to keep a small cut for himself, but GoFundMe tells him... that's a no go.

If Kanye doesn't claim the funds raised, the money will be refunded to the people who donated it.