Wale Says He’s Spent Over $1 Million on Uber

By Staff  |  02/19/2016


The days of car services and taxis are nearly obsolete. When most of us want to get around, we use Uber. Just ask rapper Wale.

While interacting with fans on Twitter this week, the MMG rapper revealed that he dropped a staggering $1.1 million in Uber fares in 2014.

"Uber Lowkey the devil," Wale tweeted, before revealing how much he's spent on the service. "I spent 1.1 Milly on ├╝ber in 2014."

When asked to explain how he was able to rack up such a bill, he claims he he lost track of time. "Goin to @FrencHMonTanA crib and stayin for dumb long while the meter was on a few times," Wale wrote.

As he continues his series of tweets, Wale reached out to Uber's competitor, Lyft.

"Hey stranger ? @lyft," he wrote, prompting a reply from Lyft: "@Wale Strangers no more! How's it going, friend?"