Lil Dickey Says Forbes Feature Hasn’t Helped Him with Chicks

Lil Dicky

Rising Pennsylvania rapper/comedian Lil Dicky is making moves, enough that Forbes recently recognized him in their 2016 Cash Princes list.

But, in a recent interview with 106KMEL, he says that while the recognition is cool, it has hasn’t made him any cooler… especially with the ladies.

“Nothing ever goes down in my DMs. It’s obsurd. Nothing… and I’m being completely honest. It’s like me, asking for a verse. I’ve complained about this. I get nothing,” Dickey says.

Later, Dickey explains that although he may be a goofball, he gets respect from his hip-hop peers. “My one fear coming into this was: Are these people gonna take it seriously? Are they just gonna dismiss it as a joke? But, I think rappers more than anyone understands the detail and thought and uniqueness of my whole approach.”

“Yea, I think to infuse comedy. I started off rapping to be a comedian. That was my goal. I certainly try to make people laugh, but I also try to go hard and try to be real and thoughtful and cute… if I’m talking to girls.”

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