Kanye West Prepping “Deluxe” Edition of “The Life of Pablo”?

By Staff  |  02/19/2016

Kanye West debuts 'The Life of Pablo'

Kanye West has said that his The Life of Pablo album would never be for sale... but apparently, it's in the works.

A source close to Ye tells the New York Times that he is preparing a deluxe physical edition for the album, though a release date has yet to be confirmed, "citing Mr. West’s creative process."

As for other streaming services, Spotify says they're working on it. "We hope to have it soon," representatives for Spotify said in a statement.

Without official availability, The Life of Pablo has become a massive hit on piracy websites. Torrent Freak estimates that the album had been illegally downloaded more than 500,000 times earlier in the weekend.

Stay tuned...