DJ Khaled Explains Snapchat Success on “Nightline”

By Staff  |  02/19/2016

DJ Khaled

When it comes to Snapchat, there's one king: DJ Khaled.

The Miami hip-hop star recently sat down with ABC's Nightline, who profiles him and credits his success to his overwhelming influence on Snapchat.

In the interview, Khaled explains how Snapchat has helped open different doors in business. "With more success, you got everybody coming. Movie deals, TV shows, endorsements," he says.

If you follow his Snapchat story, you're probably familiar with the consistent references to his haters, who he calls "They". His response: "It confuses me and disappoints me when somebody says, 'What does he do?' My records are some of the biggest anthems ever," he said. "What you think, they magically just appear?"

Check out his Nightline segment below: