DDTV: Ill Bill Answers Fans’ Questions, Talks Non-Phixion & More

Ill Bill

In our latest episode of our Digital Dynasty TV interview with Ill Bill, the rapper answers questions submitted to us from the fans.

The underground rap vets names the rapper he’s always wanted to work with but never did; who’d he want to record with between Big Pun, Tupac or Biggie; his appearance on VH1’s The (White) Rapper Show; and what country he likes to tour in the most.

Also, download Digital Dynasty 34 (Hosted by Ill Bill) over at AudioMack.

DDTV is a joint venture between Tha Advocate, BallerStatus.com and Monstar Films; and aims to give you a personal look into some of your favorite artists’ lives and asks the questions you want to hear, no politics involved.

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