American Racing Celebrates 60 Years with New Torq Thrust Wheel

By Jay Casteel  |  02/19/2016

One of the most iconic wheels in American car history celebrates its 60th anniversary with the release of a modernized edition.

With the hot rod scene exploding in the mid-1960s, American Racing burst onto the scene with the introduction of the Torq Thrust wheel... which became an icon almost overnight. Widely considered the first aftermarket wheel, it made an impact on every enthusiast or teenager looking to customize their first car.

Since then, the Torq Thrust and all of its subsequent variations have become the standard in hot rod wheels. This week, the brand introduces the latest version, dubbed the TT60.

Sporting a similar design as the original, the TT60 is made from cast aluminum and is available in satin black and PVD carbon finishes.

The American Racing TT60 is slated for release in mid-March. For more info, visit their official website.