Audio of Kanye West Flipping Out at “SNL” Leaks

By Staff  |  02/18/2016

Kanye West

Following Kanye West's talked-about performance on SNL this weekend, audio from backstage has leaked... revealing what many are calling a "tantrum".

In the audio clip, the rapper is heard calling Taylor Swift a "fake ass", and becoming enraged and yelling.

"Look at that sh*t. They took my f*cking stage off of SNL without asking me. Now I'm bummed," Kanye is heard saying. "That and Taylor Swift fake ass. Now I ain't gonna do this. We breakin' the motherf*cking Internet. I went through six years of this f*cking sh*t. Let's get to it, bruh. Let's get to it, bruh."

According to TMZ, Kanye was upset because SNL producers removed nearly half of his stage ahead of his performance. He had been rehearsing on a larger set, so after seeing the change, he was so upset that he threatened to walk off the show... until he was finally calmed down.

Also in the backstage rant, Ye began to yell about how influential he is... over anyone in the history. "Are they f*cking crazy?" Kanye added. "Bro! By 50 percent. Stanley Kubrick, Apostle Paul, Picasso, f*cking Picasso, and Escobar... By 50 percent more influential than any other human being. Don't f*ck with me! Don't f*ck with me! Don't f*ck with me! By 50 percent. Dead or alive. By 50 percent for the next thousand years."

Following the audio leak, Kanye's camp issued a statement, denying that he yelled at staff, but was venting in private with his team.

"He did not yell at SNL staff," a rep said. "This audio was secretly recorded while he was venting his frustration in a private moment with his team. He found out his stage design was changed and taken apart under the direction of the show's lighting director without anyone's approval. He had spent an entire day rehearsing and a lot of hard work went into the performance. Dramatic set changes were made 30 minutes before going live. It should be understandable why he was upset after being completely blindsided."